In 1950, a Swedish farmer named Karl-Erik Andersson wanted to build an exceptional washing machine. Since then, ASKO continues to build on the legacy that Andersson left behind. Today, an ASKO factory still stands on the founder’s farm producing and shipping washers, dryers, and dishwashers all over the world.

Just as intended by its founder, ASKO uses stainless steel components in their appliances as much as possible, which ensures a high standard with their entire product line. From their compact laundry to the stainless steel dishwashers, they incorporate quality and durability into every design. ASKO strives to make efficient, high-quality appliances that are made especially for those who appreciate clean, defined lines that do not interfere with the kitchen design.

Fun Fact: ASKO dishwasher doors are tested to be opened 300,000 times. That’s equal to 40 times per day for 20 years.


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