Surjit Kalsi, the founder of Capital, has earned himself a reputation of a master craftsman and innovator. Many consider him to be one of the founders of modern cooking appliances.

He helped engineer some of the biggest brands available and created the world’s first dual flow gas burner, self-cleaning gas oven, universal burner, and electric ignition system. Capital is his opportunity to build cooking appliances to his standards without restraints.

Through professional standards and quality, Capital Ranges feature sealed Power-Flo burners that can sizzle at 19,000 BTUs or delicately simmer at 140 degrees. Their Culinarian ranges up the ante with Power-Flo open burners rated at 23,000 BTUs. Combined with one of the largest oven capacities available and exquisite style, Capital ranges complete the pro-style home kitchen.

Their ventilation systems are far from ordinary. Without complicated controls, Capital hoods flush unwanted odors and heat from your kitchen. Molded with high-grade stainless steel, powerful motors, and strong filters, Capital provides efficient and durable ventilation solutions for the kitchen. The end result is both powerful and stylish.

Fun Fact: Capital’s designers often look for inspiration from unusual sources such as luxury cars, jewelry, and modern art.

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