La Cornue

The story of La Cornue is one that runs for three generations and is fueled by a heritage that, to this day, is unmatched. In 1908, a gourmet and artisan named Albert Dupuy crafted a revolutionary convection oven. 40 years later, his son Andre perfected the initial design leading to the storied Chateau collection of ranges. As the third generation of the Dupuy family heads the company, La Cornue maintains its original objective, to offer a cooking experience like no other through appliances best described as exceptional art.

La Cornue ranges are the gold standard of the culinary world. From the magnificent Chateau ranges to the CornuFe collection, La Cornue handcrafts each model to order, using an extravagant color palette and color schemes. Paying close attention to detail, La Cornue adorns its appliances in an regal style through framed oven doors and vintage trimmings.

The elegance of their appliances, coupled with their sophistication, has kept La Cornue on every chef’s wish list for over a hundred years. Available in electric, gas, or dual-fuel models, La Cornue has a wide variety of cooktops available for their ranges, such as French tops, electric plates, reversible griddles, and power burners.

Fun Fact: La Cornue offers a cooktop called a Lava-rock Grill, which is a gas burner set beneath natural lava rocks, and topped with a cast-iron grill.

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