In 1996, Lynx was founded as a manufacturer of outdoor luxury appliances, especially grills. The founders of Lynx Professional Grills intended to make a deluxe grill that matched the cooking quality and performance of professional grills used in 5-star restaurants. Through the years, Lynx innovated and improved their grills, to become a leader in the outdoor cooking appliance market.

Specializing in grills, Lynx now makes models in both built-in and freestanding applications in a variety of sizes. To complete their product line, Lynx also produces a robust collection of outdoor appliances such as refrigerators, ice makers, and warming drawers.

According to Lynx, any detail or accessory that makes grilling easier and more fun is a must, which is why they incorporate features like the hood assist kit. Through the use of springs built into the hood of the grill, opening and closing the grill is effortless. In addition, built-in searing burners and solid brass burners illustrate not only superior grilling technologies but also reinforce the manufacturing quality that are Lynx products.

Fun Fact: Thanks to thoughtful engineering, Lynx grills have no open seams or gaps where grease collects making it very easy to clean the grill.


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