Prestige has been a manufacturer of sophisticated ventilation products since 1988, especially in the production of customized hoods. Through craftsmanship and attention to detail, Prestige hoods are able to get rid of sticky cooking vapors and grease while focusing on the two most important aspects of ventilation, quietness and effectiveness.

Capable of power as high as 1600 CFM’s, and in a variety of widths, Prestige hoods are meant to be coupled with the most advanced cooking appliances. Prestige specializes in manufacturing a comprehensive array of ventilation products, from professional-style hoods to versatile hood inserts.

Featuring commercial grade stainless steel, dimming lamps, and variable fan speed controls, Prestige hoods are the ultimate kitchen ventilation solution.

Fun Fact: Prestige offers one of the largest hoods on the market at 66 inches wide.

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