While offering a plethora of classic designs, RangeCraft is famous for their “Made to Order” hoods. State of the art production machinery and a passion for detail result in a product like no other. Often, kitchen designers will choose the custom design of the hood, and follow suit through the rest of the kitchen. This is a process that RangeCraft follows eagerly making their hoods, “functional works of art”.

Features include, but are certainly not limited to, recessed bands, seamless corners, stylized rivets, decorative buttons, custom pot rails, and hooks. These are just a few of the many options for a completely personalized hood. It’s no wonder you’ll see RangeCraft hoods paired with the most luxurious ranges in the the most elite kitchens.

Fun Fact: RangeCraft has always stood behind their motto: “Any Design, Any Finish, Any Metal, Any Color”.

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