Carr Collins, Sr. founded Vent-A-Hood in 1937. The following year, his nephew was recruited to manage the company. Since then, Vent-a-Hood has excelled in providing the very best ventilation systems on the market.

Vent-A-Hood’s patented Magic Lung system is their most popular innovation. It is a design that allows a fan in the unit to separate the smoke and grease, making your cooking experience as simple and clean as possible, while maintain quiet operation.

In addition to the technology innovations Vent-A-Hood offers, they offer beautiful designs; Vent-A-Hood’s custom hoods are breath-taking. Every unit is handmade by two Master smiths in their Texas factory.

Fun Fact: Vent-A-Hood built their first range hoods in Dallas and sold them door-to-door. When a hood was sold, they’d rush back to the factory to make it the same day.

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