There’s a reason why Italy is the home of fine cooking, and Verona embraces the spirit of the Italian culinary arts.

Since 1958, Verona has been a preferred brand of appliances in Italy. Specializing in ranges, ovens, and cooktops, each unit is tested rigorously and is a symbol of Verona’s quality.

Verona ranges and cooktops contain burners that provide efficient and powerful heat by using less fuel through advanced design. For exact cooking and hotter output, burners are installed higher on the cooking surface to ensure a more consistent and even performance by directing the flames directly onto the bottom of pots and pans. Powerful heat comes through double and triple burners, while ovens are equipped with European convection.

Fun Fact: Verona’s appliances are still manufactured in a small region in the suburbs of Venice called Borso del Grappa.

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