In the 1980’s, Fred Carl Jr. was determined to make the perfect professional-grade range for the home while achieving the highest quality possible. With the help of skilled craftsmen and engineering experts, he created the ultimate cooking product for the home; and in so doing, established the market for professional style home ranges. By 1990, production of Viking Ranges was underway in historic Greenwood, Mississippi.

Not much has changed for Viking, in the very best way. Their headquarters are still located on the famous Cotton Row in downtown Greenwood, MS, and their top-quality cooking appliances have only gotten better. Viking has also expanded to manufacture a full line of ventilation, refrigeration, dishwashers, and grilling appliances that feature all of the famous quality that make Viking an elite brand that is well-known the world over. With the highest confidence in their appliances, Viking offers a three-year warranty on all of their indoor products.

Fun Fact: Viking’s designers and engineers went through over 90 designs for their burners before finding the perfect one!