The legendary Wolf name, brimming with functionality, has been perfected for decades in professional kitchens. In March of 2000, Sub-Zero purchased Wolf and introduced the superior Wolf performance to homeowners. Pairing these two brands is the perfect combination for your kitchen’s needs making Sub-Zero and Wolf true kitchen soulmates.

Wolf is so much more than their signature red knobs. It’s their dual-stacked burners for intense heat or soft simmers. It’s their dual convection fans for even baking and roasting. It’s their chic hoods that keep your kitchen’s air fresh and clean. No matter the recipe, you can expect Wolf appliances to react with care and precision each and every time.

With performance certainty never in question, Wolf appliances provide for nearly limitless customization. Like your signature entrees, Wolf products used in your kitchen become just as unique and every much a statement as they are a vehicle for producing gourmet masterpieces.
Wolf is much more than a brand. It is a belief system that eliminates cooking limitations and unleashes your inner chef.

Fun Fact: Located in Madison, WI, the Westye F. Bakke Training Center is considered “Sub-Zero and Wolf University.” The center features training kitchens and an interactive learning center that seats 140 people.