Wood Stone

Since its inception in 1990, Wood Stone has been developing specialty cooking equipment and stone hearth ovens in Washington State. By using modern materials and technologies, they capture the authenticity of rustic brick ovens without the constant attention that old-world ovens require.

Cooking with a Wood Stone oven is an interactive experience and it’s no surprise that these ovens quickly become an entertainment source. A Wood Stone oven quickly becomes the focal point within your kitchen, indoors or out, as your friends and family gather around and make their own personal pizzas.

Bistro Home
The Bistro Home Series offers three different sized ovens and can be gas-fired, wood-fired, or a combination of the two. The ceramic interior is heated by an adjustable burner located in the back of the chamber, which allows the user to cook a variety of items in their oven like slow-roasted pork shoulders or artisan breads. Each model comes standard with heat shield doors and a built-in timer that allows the owner to schedule use times.

Mountain Home
The Mountain Home Series has two oven options available that can also be configured to be wood-fired, gas-fired, or both. This oven is powered by an easily adjustable radiant flame gas burner located in the back of the cooking chamber as well as a thermostatically controlled infrared burner mounted under the floor of the oven. Finishing the look of Mountain Home ovens are nearly limitless. From brick to stucco or river rock to custom stone work, the installation possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Fun Fact
: Chef’s that endorse Wood Stone include Wolfgang Puck, and Bobby Flay.

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