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Let me tell you a little story about an unknown blogger with a big heart and a big dream.  In 2011 he won a Home Builders Association Pyramid (Del-Chester Chapter) award for “Best Use of Social Media” for a blog about appliances.  This year, with an even bigger heart and a little-engine-that-could attitude, he won the 2012 “Best Use of Social Media” Synergy Award from the Home Builders Association (Del-Chester / Bucks-Mont Chapters).  That little blogger’s name is The Kieffer’s Guy and his dream is this blog.

Ok, I think I might need a bigger dream… So with that in mind, let’s dream big and look at some more celebrity kitchens and make snarky comments at the same time!  If you want to read my first installment of Celebrity Kitchens, you can by clicking here.

Ellen Pompeo

I’m pretty sure that every woman on the face of the planet watches “Grey’s Anatomy”.   Whether you watch it for McSteamy or McDreamy doesn’t really matter — eventually you’ll stumble upon Ellen because she’s like the main character and stuff.  As a guy, I can’t stand this show which I’m sure is a shock to you.  I like to think of Ellen from the movie “Old School” (classic Will Ferrell).  So let’s see what she has in her kitchen:

The anatomy of Ellen’s kitchen is Viking.

If you remember the first Celebrity Kitchen post, Viking was the overwhelming winner in many of the kitchens.  Well, Ms. Pompeo carries on that tradition.  What you’re seeing is a Viking 36” free-standing refrigerator.  On the left is clearly a Viking range, but I can’t tell which one.  It’s either the 48” or the 60” dual-fuel.  There is some stainless cabinetry on the right of the picture and it looks like there’s a dishwasher there, but it’s too hard to tell what brand.  My best guess, and it’s just a guess, is Kitchenaid.

Ricky Martin

He used to be a celebrity, does he still qualify?  I think he’s still a big star internationally, but this is America and we don’t care about someone’s stardom overseas.  Though he might be “Livin La Vida Loca” on a daily basis, his kitchen is far from “loca.  A lot of cabinetry, in my opinion, and that’s about it.

I need something to tie this kitchen together. Too plain!

There is a Wolf double `L` series oven on the left and you can see a Wolf Range (looks like dual-fuel) and Wolf hood in the background.  Because I’m seeing a lot of Wolf product in the shot, I’m assuming that behind some of that cabinetry sits a Sub-Zero refrigerator.  I really like the flooring and the overall feel of the kitchen, but am I wrong to think that there is just something missing?  It has so much potential to be a warm, inviting kitchen, but it comes across very cold because it’s missing something that ties everything together.  Here’s an idea: how about just adding a bowl of fruit on the counter?  That would go a long way.  Sheesh.

Sheryl Crow


Be still my beating heart.  Since I showed her former main squeeze’s kitchen in the last post, I figured that I would have to include her.  Fun fact about Sheryl Crow, she used to teach elementary school music.  I’m thinking her students’ fathers never missed their child’s parent/teacher conference.  Also, she used to sing backup for Michael Jackson.  History teaches us that all Sheryl wants to do is, “have some fun” and she has a feeling that she’s not the only one.

I wish she was my music teacher when I was in school.

From what I can tell, there’s not much going on in her kitchen.  There’s some wine storage on the left side, but it’s REALLY hard to judge what brand.  Sub-Zero?  U-Line?  I don’t think it’s Marvel.  Some things that I really like about her kitchen: AWESOME aquarium and the huge breakfast bar/sitting area.  You’re right Sheryl, one really could have fun in this kitchen.

Jennifer Lopez

Annoying alert!

No, really, I trust her.  She’s still “Jenny from the Block”…if your block is freaking Beverly Hills. Zing!  Oh Jenny, you can dance and you can sing and you can act.  Unfortunately, you can’t do any of them well.  One thing you can do REALLY well is get married.  And then get divorced.  And then get married again.  And then get divorced.  And then get married again.  And then get divorced.

But good `ol “Jenny from the Block” has exquisite taste and that’s why she installed this incredibly elegant Cornue Fe range from La Cornue.  BOOM.

Things not found on “Kieffer Guy’s Block”

Gerard Butler

Why don’t you be handsome somewhere else?!

I hate this guy.  Ok, you’re right, hate is a strong word.  So I’ll just say that I hate this guy.  Why you ask?  Oh, I don’t know.  He’s good looking, a movie star, and rich.  Does that help?  I can’t stand guys like him because he could grow a beard like a long lost member of ZZ Top, not bathe for a month, wear an “I Kill Kittens” t-shirt, and the ladies would still swoon.  The ladies swoon for me too and by swoon I mean run for the hills — hence my job as a blog writer and a not a cast member of “The 300”.

And the final reason I hate him: out of all of the kitchens I’ve commented on, this is by FAR the coolest, most awesomey kitchen.  Yes, I just created a word: awesomey.

Gerard Butler Kitchen

I hate to say it, but this is the coolest celeb kitchen I’ve seen so far.

Thermador reigns supreme in this kitchen.  He has a built-in Thermador refrigerator, wall oven, microwave, and warming drawer.  Note the awesome Thermador in wall coffee system on the left side.  Also pictured is a Thermador range top and matching hood and a Thermador dishwasher just next to the right of the sink.

How warm is this kitchen?  I mean, I just want to live in it and call it my own and never share it with anyone.  Check out all of the reclaimed wood that was used for the cabinetry (note the Thermador pro-handles on all of the cabinetry too).  The flooring is so cool and the awesomey stone wall behind the counter is just off the charts.  The best part is the rustic island in the middle.  Man I hate this guy.

Obvious statement: Kieffer’s Appliances sells all of the products mentioned.

-The Kieffer’s Guy

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