Hey Appliance Fans,

By now, everyone knows how incredibly efficient energy star appliances are.  Washing machines and dishwashers are using less and less water and refrigerators are now cheaper to operate than ever.  Because of this, everyone is seeing their monthly utility bills shrink.  Did you know that the amount of money a consumer can save over the lifetime of an energy star clothes washer can cover the purchase cost of the dryer?!?

Purchasing Energy Star Appliances:

If you have an appliance that’s older than ten years, chances are it’s robbing you every time you turn it on.  Picture your washing machine, in a dark alley with a gun, sticking you up for your wallet.  If that makes you angry, it should.

Tips For Buying Energy Star Appliances:

  1. Determine the size of unit you need. For instance, if your children are grown, do you really need a 5.0 cubic foot washing machine or a 25 cubic foot refrigerator?  Less space.  Less energy.
  2. Check the Energy Guide Label. This label tells you how much electricity, in kWh, the unit will use in one year.  Keep in mind that energy rates will vary based on region, but this will still give you a good comparison between models and brands.
  3. Contact A Kieffer’s Salesperson. There are differences from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Don’t waste your time doing the research.  Let one of our sales staff give you all the information you’ll need to know.

Check out more information on purchasing energy star appliances.

Energy Star Rebates:

Buying energy star appliances doesn’t just save you money.  It also saves the utility companies.  In fact, many energy companies throughout the country are offering rebates to encourage consumers to switch from old, energy sucking units to sleek, efficient models.  Here in the Philadelphia area, both PECO and PP&L are offering rebates to consumers who make the switch.

PECO Energy Star Rebates:

  • Refrigerators……….$75.00
  • Freezers……………..$75.00
  • Clothes Washers…..$100.00
  • Dishwashers………..$50.00

Download the PECO Rebate form.

PP&L Energy Star Rebates:

  • Refrigerators………$50.00
  • Clothes Washers….$75.00
  • Dishwashers……….$30.00

Download the PP&L Rebate form.

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-The Kieffer’s Team