Hey Appliance Fans,

I brought my buddy Captain Obvious to help me out with today's blog post.

Long title to this blog post, eh?  I know.  If you’re looking to talk food, head over to www.kiefferscooks.com.  The “food” for thought today might seem a bit obvious, but I thought I’d develop a little checklist for all of you appliance shoppers who are looking to replace appliances or re-do their kitchens entirely.  By no means is this the complete list, but it should help point you in the right direction.  If I missed anything, which I probably did, send me an email and I’ll add it to the list.

The List

While you might have a list of likes and dislikes about your current appliances, write them down.  One of the many things I’m guilty of is making a grocery list in my head, going to the store, and getting everything EXCEPT for two items.  And they’re usually important.  Like toilet paper or deodorant…..or chocolate.  Some questions to ask could be:

  • Do I have enough space in my refrigerator and freezer?  If you’re looking for more width in your refrigerator, going with a side by side model might not be the best idea.  If you want a counter-depth refrigerator because of the look, but still need more space, maybe refrigerator/freezer drawers are for you or some under-counter refrigerator.  For the differences between standard and counter-depth refrigerators, check out this post.
  • How is the size of your cooktop?  Most people have a 30″ range or cooktop (if you have four burners, most likely you have a 30″ cooking surface).  Is this big enough?  We find that a lot of our customers step up to a 36″ range or cooktop.  Did you want to add a griddle or a grill to your range or range top?  Once you decide to go 36″ or wider, having the option of a griddle or a grill becomes a reality.
  • What do you like or dislike about your dishwasher?  If your dishwasher is 10-15 years old, YOU are in for a treat!  There are so many more features available now than ever before: cutlery trays, flexible rack configurations, adjustable rack heights, power wash zones, etc.  The list goes on and on.
  • How do you want your kitchen to “flow”?  Maybe you’re working with a kitchen designer, maybe you’re not.  Either way, ensure that traffic can still flow through your kitchen even when the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven doors are open (not all open at the same time….I think you get what I’m trying to say).
  • Will the appliances fit in my house?  Don’t confuse this question with: will the appliances fit in the spaces I have set aside for them?  They are two different things.  Will the appliances fit in my house means can they fit through the areas to get the unit to its final home?  Make sure there is enough space in doorways, hallways, and other places that the appliance must fit through to get into your kitchen.  Our delivery guys work EXTREMELY hard, but they aren’t equipped with shrink rays to make the appliances smaller.
  • What color of appliances did you want?  Customers pretty much answer this question before they even step into a showroom.  Black, white,

    A "Dahlia Yellow" range from BlueStar.

    stainless, or bisque (aka almond)?  Remember that bisque is a color that is slowly being phased out of manufacturers’ production lines (it’s becoming the avocado color of the 1970’s).  Many companies still make bisque options, but the options don’t include their entire product line meaning there are fewer choices.  If your entire kitchen is bisque and you are just replacing the dishwasher, you might want to think about replacing the dishwasher in another color and then matching that color as the other appliances run their course.  Some range companies like Viking, BlueStar, AGA, American Range, and La Cornue offer a wide variety of color options.

As I mentioned before, this is just a list to get you started.  Many other questions will pop up as you dig deeper and deeper in the appliance world.  Notice, however, that I never mentioned specific products.  Customers get too pumped up about a particular manufacturer BEFORE they even know what features they want in their appliances.  Always determine what you want out of your appliances before you settle on a brand.  Match the brand to your needs, not the other way around.

That’s all for now, see you next time!

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