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I’ve mentioned before that working at Kieffer’s is a lot of fun because we have so many niche brands that you may not have heard of before; brands like WoodStone Home Ovens, La Cornue, and BlueStar.  This week, I want to discuss another niche brand: Ilve (pronounced ILL – vay).

Ilve is the second best thing to come out of Italy.

If you read the title of this article, then you know that Ilve is an Italian company and you also know that Ilve is the second best thing that comes from Italy behind Sophia Loren.  What you probably didn’t know is that they are based in Campodarsego and Ilve products are sold in forty countries.  Don’t ask me to pronounce the town name, but it’s about 30 kilometers west of Venice (thanks Wikipedia).  I’d also think that it’s safe to assume that the food in Campodarsego is awesome because, well… every town in Italy has the best food on the planet.  I once heard someone say that the Italians taught the world to eat.  Makes sense to me because it certainly wasn’t the Irish; although we do have potatoes on lockdown.  Actually, maybe it was a line I heard on The Sopranos.   I can’t remember, but it works for this blog post so I’ll take it.

Ilve Style

Unless you’re an idiot, you can’t help but notice how awesome the styling is on Ilve Ranges and it’s very reminiscent of La Cornue.  Let me be clear: I’m not calling you an idiot if you don’t like the styling.  I repeat:  I’m not calling you an idiot if you don’t like the styling.  But if you can’t notice that Ilve spends a lot of time detailing their ranges, please go read another appliance blog.

60" Ilve Range in Midnight Blue. Warming drawer? Check.

60″ Ilve Range in Midnight Blue. Warming drawer? Check.

While their ranges are available in a stainless finish, I can’t imagine why anyone would go in that direction because putting a color on an Ilve looks spectacular.    Chrome trim comes standard, but you can special order Brass or Oil Rubbed Bronze knobs and trim if you want.  In terms of color, my favorite is Midnight Blue, but there are a total of seven colors for you to choose from and a few different sizes:

Available in 60”, 48”, 40”, 36”, and 30” widths:

  • Midnight Blue
  • Graphite Matte Black
  • Antique White
  • Stainless Steel
  • True White
  • Burgundy Red
  • Emerald Green

Check out this video featuring an Ilve range and a really creepy chick:


Tell me she’s not a little overly excited and it comes across as super creepy?  Also, not everything featured in this video is available in the United States; specifically the range that is shown with a built-in deep fryer.  How cool is that, though?!

Ilve Cooking

Call me crazy, it’s been done before, but I imagine if you buy an Ilve you’ll eventually want to cook with it.  We’ve established that Ilve ranges look incredible so let’s examine some of the cool features Ilve offers.  Each oven features true European convection PLUS all of their ovens offer a built-in rotisserie (except the smaller oven in the 40” model).  I think I’ve mentioned my addiction to Boston Market chicken so this is a KILLER feature in my opinion.  Ovens can be set from 75 degrees to 525 degrees.  That’s a huge temperature range that can proof bread dough or bake pita bread (click here for a pita bread recipe).  Every Ilve range also has a warming drawer.  Located below the oven is a full-width drawer that captures residual heat from the oven above and pulls it into the drawer.  It’s important to understand that for the warming drawer to work, the oven must be on.

Ilve Range in Burgundy

48″ of Burgundy Deliciousness

These basins sit right on the griddle for perfect steaming!

The cooktop is really cool and you have a few options when selecting burner configurations assuming you purchase a 36” or wider model.  The “Fry-top” configuration features a griddle that can be pulled out and swapped with a grill accessory.  The “Coup De Feu” configuration features a French top.  The burners on an Ilve range feature one powerful 15,500 BTU triple ring burner with the other burners featuring different BTUs for different needs.  Accessorizing the cooktop is a snap with wok rings, steam cooking basins, and chopping boards that fit on top of the griddle.

Ilve Ventilation

If you decide to get a range with such unique styling as an Ilve, you probably want to match the range with a hood; especially if you get a range in color.  Ilve comes to play with a range hood powered at 600 CFMs with widths of 36”-60”.  Ventilation is boring so you only get three sentences.

If you ever want to see an Ilve in person, we have the 48” in Graphite Matte Black in our showroom plus a display featuring all of the accessories you can add to it.  That should be it for now.  Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

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Ilve Graphite Matte Black at Kieffer's Appliances

Kieffer’s Appliances’ 48″ Ilve in Graphite Matte Black on display now.