About 15 years ago, we switched from The Feast of The 7 Fishes on Christmas Eve to the Feast of The 7 Pastas.  Ever the traditionalist, the fish menu included salt cod, sardines, calamari and squid among other, more familiar delights such as bronzino, tuna and shrimp.  It was an ocean marathon of food sourcing, prep and eating.  One year one of my children finally pulled me aside to inform me that they didn’t really like salt cod, sardines and squid.  Thus the pasta idea was born.  It became a family affair.  The boys were home the day before Christmas and we spent the day in the kitchen making unusual pastas by hand.  Girlfriends came and helped.  And went.  Was it the pasta making?? Wives came (and haven’t gone thankfully) and now a third generation is developing and we are waiting for them to be old enough to be involved. What a bonding activity and conversation promoter.  There are 2 very young children this now and it’s impossible to sit down to a meal like this, so we began with the charcuterie at noon for lunch and ate all afternoon and evening with kids’ zoomie breaks between courses.

For your food porn viewing pleasure, here is the menu and some photo highlights:



Tortellini in Brodo


Toasted Fazoletti with Exotic Mushrooms and Hazelnuts

Beet Gnocchi with Walnut Sage Butter

Picture unavailable due to too much wine.

Strozzapretzi with Preserved Lemon

Ravioli with Chicken, Walnuts and Dates 

Picture unavailable because assigned photographer wasn’t paying attention.

Corn Crescenzi Cappelletti with Bitter Honey 

Home Made Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream with Cherry, Almond and Chocolate Biscotti

Only 6 pastas, but nobody wants to eat pasta until next year!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.