Sometimes what you want is bar food.  For the “late home from work meal”.  For the “just spent the day working on the yard and I don’t want to change clothes dinner” or just because that’s what you feel like.  With the resurgence of Gastropubs and burger/pizza wars in the city, good bar food is fairly easy to find, but move on out to the suburbs and bar food becomes either pizza joint fare-chicken parm and baked rigatoni-or fried…everything.  It’s not about health on these occasional forays into game day grub, it’s about how I feel after a meal of wings (fried), fries (fried) and a cheesesteak (fried) with everything…not good.  Tastes great going down, but then…And who orders salad in a bar?  What you get anyway is usually browning iceberg lettuce, a few slices of onion and a few anemic pieces of tomato smothered with the blue cheese dipping sauce from the wings.  I repeat.  Who orders salad in a bar? Enter The Railroad Street Bar and Grill (, a little place tucked away next to the railroad tracks (gee, I wonder where the name came from??) off of Lewis Road in Royersford, just up the road from Collegeville. It looks and feels like a roadhouse-wooden entry steps, shiny wooden oak U-shaped bar, black and chrome bar stools-a few with stuffing showing, a pool table in back, tin beer and booze signs adorning the walls.  A place to roll your ciggies up in your sleeve (nah, leave ‘em home-it’s no smoking), put a 20 on the bar, drink $2 craft beers and shoot the crap with the bartender(s).  And just for that you gotta love the place. But I write about food and for the record, the food is worth writing about.  It is not gourmet.  It is not fancy.  It is not even always the “best of breed”.  Not a drizzle in site.  But, it IS homemade, creative and good-just what tasty bar food should be.  Yep, they have the usual, wings, burgers, cheesesteaks, fried sampler platter-OK, but nothing special.  But they also have grilled Ahi Tuna, Po Boys, Pulled Pork and Brisket sandwiches-all made in house-and they’ll put anything in a wrap for you.  And they have Falafal and a small separate veg section on the menu…yeah, in a bar! Then they have the CRAZY section of the menu.  Here’s a few examples: Cajun Alligator Taco Salad: Mixed greens, Cajun prepared alligator, jalapeno peppers, red onion and tomatoes in a taco bowl The Westy: ½ Pound Fried Bologna, Smothered in Cheese, Topped Onion Rings, & Served with Honey Mustard on the side The Knuckler: Pulled pork, Pierogies, Fried Egg, Sauteed Onions, and Cheddar Cheese Then there is the Grilled Cheese menu-always at least 12 kinds of grilled cheese.  For example: Grilled Cheese Pesto: Sharp Provolone, Pesto, and roasted red Peppers Lobster Grilled Cheese: Fresh Maine Lobster, 12 month aged New York cheddar served on a farmhouse baked bread, served with butter, lemon, and fresh cut french fries

The Lobster Grilled Cheese: If this doesn't look good, then you don't have a pulse.

And, of course, there are the specials.  The night I was there, I had a take on a lobster roll-served Maine style-cold with mayo or Connecticut style-hot with drawn butter.  A very nice, light alternative.  Prices fall in the typical pub range-very reasonable. Although I am not a beer drinker, I must mention there are at least 165 beers available, mostly craft beer and at least 10 beers on tap.  The bartenders are real bartenders-they don’t just pull beer, they mix a good drink-not the Franklin Mortgage ginger-basil infused mojito kind of drink, but good classic “Mr. Boston Bar Guide” sort of drink-martinis, mai-tais and hurricanes.  Don’t be fooled.  There is a top shelf here-not the very top-but much better selections that you would expect from the look of the place.  In short, a great place to hang out and grab a bite that’s more than the usual pub grub. Put this on the return list. The Railroad Street Bar and Grille 36 Railroad Street Royersford, PA 19468-3518 (610) 495-7043 ‎