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Thanksgiving is finished for you, but not for me.  In lieu of the Thanksgiving feast, my father went out and bought a turkey.  A frozen turkey.  On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  If you’re laughing right now because you know there was no way that bird would defrost by Thursday morning, enjoy your laugh because you’re right.  Kudos to my mother for going out Wednesday and getting a fresh turkey breast to cook up.  Long story short—I’ll be roasting the now defrosted turkey in the coming days.  Anyway, I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you have an even better holiday season coming up.  And now onto the show…

Yup, I’m talking about Thermador again.  Why, you ask?  Because they keep innovating and innovating and innovating.  I’ll stop talking about them when they stop making cool products, like the Ultimate Culinary Center.  Before we talk about their new induction cooktop, you might want to brush up on exactly what induction is with my Induction Doctrine.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Ok, set aside all of the boring science behind induction and remember two things:

  • Induction only works with ferrous based (iron) cookware.
  • Because induction reacts with the iron in the pot, the cooking surface will only heat the surface area of the pot and nothing else.

Now you’re ready to learn more about Thermador’s new Freedom Induction Cooktop.

Freedom, For Real.

Featuring a sleek look, Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop won the Popular Mechanics CES 2012 Editor’s Choice Award.

Thermador calls it the Freedom Induction Cooktop because you can put a pot anywhere on the surface.  That’s right, you can put a pot anywhere on the surface.  To achieve this, Thermador designed tiny electro-magnets placed under the glass.  This gives the cooktop the ability to activate any portion of the glass and fully cover any pot you can put on it; in any direction.  What’s even cooler is that you have the ability to move a pot to a different portion of the cooktop and with a press of a button, the cooktop will automatically sense where the pot has been moved to and set the temperature in the new area to what it was set at in the previous zone.  Gone are the days of being stuck with burners in a specific size and specific place.

Stolen image of a Thermador prototype. These are the electro-magnets under the glass cooktop. Two Kieffer’s employees died smuggling this photo out of Thermador’s HQ. You’re welcome.

Here’s an example of the freedom you have using this cooktop. Put the pots anywhere you like!

Or arrange the pots like this…

Or this…

Thermador Pot Config 4

Or like this. Are you starting to get the picture?


This cooktop is so easy to operate.  A brightly lit 6.5” touch screen display can be easily read and makes operation of the cooktop a snap.  The screen boasts a full color display and operating it is very much like using a smartphone.


Hi-Tech. LOVE IT.

Here is Thermador’s super-duper rock star Graham Sadtler talking about the finer points of the Freedom Induction Cooktop.  That’s right Graham, I’m calling you a rock star!


Freedom Induction Features:

  • The overall usable space is sixty-three percent larger than any competitor.
  • The flexible design allows up for to 4 pots/pans/griddles in any combination, shape, or size to be used at once.
  • The touch screen operation is easily read and easily controlled.

Here’s another video of the cooktop in action at the 2012 International CES.  This is where the Thermador cooktop won the Popular Mechanics CES 2012 Editor’s Choice Award.  This really shows the awesome touch screen interface in action:


See It Live, In Person

I can write about this awesome appliance until I’m blue in the face OR you can just stop by our showroom and see it in person.  It’s even live in our showroom so I can show you just how fast it boils water.  Until next time, America.

-The Kieffer’s Guy

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