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January 2020 Newsletter

A Kieffer’s View in 2020


 – The Benefits of Sending Customers to a Showroom

 – Modern-Aire Custom Hoods

 – Coming Clean about Front Loaders

 – 2020 for Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove


Making it Real

The internet is invaluable for research, especially if you are planning to make a big purchase, like appliances.  Buying appliances every seven to 10 years is not like buying a dress that you can immediately return if doesn’t meet your needs.

Sending your client to our showroom is way to add value to your project.  At Kieffer’s, your client can gain valuable knowledge about their appliance options, see over 65 brands and purchase the best configuration for their unique cooking and entertaining style.

Walk into the 18,000 sq. foot showroom and see everything your heart could desire.  Yes, it can be overwhelming, but each client is met by an appliance expert who has extensive experience with all brands of appliances and is skilled at asking the right answers to questions that will highlight the features and benefits that your client desires. Our sales team can also be called an appliance guide, if you will.

Open doors, feel the handles, see the configuration of the interior.  Visualize a specific range in the new kitchen.  Look at us as an extension of your showroom, supporting your clients in the appliance decision- making phase of their dream kitchen.  Every client that walks into Kieffer’s is viewed as unique and has unique appliance needs.  No easy-peasy cookie cutter packages here.  Your client will truly have a personalized experience.

A kitchen is a big purchase for most of your clients.  Knowledge is a must.  Seeing is believing.  We guide them through their purchase, ensuring they have made a satisfying educated appliance decision.


Modern-Aire Ventilating, Inc. Specializes in Building Custom Range Hood Canopies that Exhibit Artisan Quality Craftsmanship while Being Quietly Effective


For the professional or the everyday chef, Modern-Aire Ventilating, Inc. provides exceptional ventilation to meet your specific needs.  With today’s technically advanced cooking equipment, your kitchen ventilation system is more important than ever.

From a complete line of standard sized range hoods to virtually any custom designed range hood you can imagine, let Modern-Aire create the focal point in your kitchen. Filling your home with family, friends and good food rather than unwanted heat and smoke is essential.

At Modern-Aire we put family first, after all we are a third-generation family owned and operated company which has been in business since 1956.


The Modern-aire warranty consists of three years parts and labor from the date of purchase.

Contact Kieffer’s for more information.


Product Highlight:  Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove


Speed Oven

The new Speed Oven provides the performance you expect from Wolf ovens – only faster and smaller. Combining the power, speed and smaller size of a microwave oven with the efficient heat distribution and browning capabilities of a convection oven and broiler, the Speed Oven offers all-in-one versatility so you can prepare a wide variety of food in less time.  Available in 24” and 30” widths.



PRO 36

  • Sub-Zero’s new PRO 36 refrigerator features a bold exterior, paired with groundbreaking technology and design on the interior. Fitted with the same industry-leading preservation system as the next generation PRO 48, the PRO 36 continues to fulfill Sub-Zero’s promise of keeping food fresher longer, but in a smaller width, opening new design opportunities for small and large kitchens alike.

We are excited to announce a new Designer Rewards program for Sub-Zero Wolf. Contact your Kieffer’s Trade Account manager or visit for more information.






There are rocks that can get your dishes dry. No, seriously: The mineral is called zeolite, it turns water into heat, and it’s coming to a dishwasher near you.

Zeolite was first used in high-end Thermador dishwashers in 2018, but this year the technology was integrated into the sister brands, Bosch’s 800 and Benchmark series, dishwashers. Since the technology is becoming more mainstream, it’s a good time to review exactly why this mineral is being used in more dishwashers and why it might be the key to better drying.

People hate wet dishes.  Drying dishes is energy expensive.  Zeolite dries at a fraction of that energy.

Dishwashers, historically, have had two tricks for ensuring dry dishes: a heating rod and very hot water.  While these techniques work on glassware and ceramics, plasticware doesn’t retain heat well and is notoriously hard to dry using these methods. There’s also the side-effect of making your dishes too hot to put away immediately. Zeolite solves all these problems.

What is zeolite?

Zeolite pebbles just look like small, greenish-beige stones, and their chemical properties make dishwashers much more energy efficient.

Zeolite’s properties sound unreal at first.  As the mineral extracts water from its surroundings, it releases a significant amount of heat.  With enough moisture, you can generate the energy required to boil water (so, yes, they’re too hot to touch).  The water extraction happens through a process called adsorption (as opposed to absorption), a chemical reaction which bonds the water atoms to the surface of the zeolite and releases heat.  The zeolite’s adsorption power can be regenerated by re-applying the released heat, which frees the stored water as vapor.  This process doesn’t degrade the zeolite at all, meaning you’ll never need to replace the zeolite in your dishwasher.

Is this the future?

You can’t argue with the science.  Zeolite is quick, efficient, self-replenishing, durable, and—quite frankly—awesome.  Based on what we know now, integrating zeolite into a dishwasher really seems like one of those innovations that gradually might revolutionize the dishwasher industry.  But for now, Bosch owns the technology.  We’re looking forward to more of its dishwashers leveraging this mineral to give us drier dishes.  Who wouldn’t want to say they dry their dishes with powerful lava rocks?



Front Loaders

One of the questions we often hear is “do front loaders smell?”. The truth is, they can—all front-loaders use drums that are mounted on level plane inside the body of the clothes washer.  To keep water, soil and cleanser from getting away on the floor, their drums are fixed by rubber gaskets.

Occasionally, an abundance of water can gather inside these gaskets between wash cycles.  In the event that it stays there for a long time, the dampness can energize shape and germ development.  Many brands- from Whirlpool, LG and Maytag experience this issue.  Enter the market: GE UltraFresh. They’ll have gaskets intended to deplete away the remaining water.

An overview of the features of the 850 include: (maybe add in the model number, not sure what 850 means)

  • UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock™
    The first and only UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock™ eliminates excess moisture to help prevent odors ensuring your washer stays fresh and clean
  • Microban® antimicrobial technology
    Built into components including the gasket, dispenser and draining system delivering protection that lives on load after load
  • SmartDispense™ Technology
    Save time and make laundry effortless with an intelligent dispenser that holds up to 32 loads of detergent and automatically dispenses the right amount each time
  • 1 Step Wash + Dry
    Wash and dry a small load in your washer, eliminating the need to transfer clothes to the dryer
  • Built-in WiFi
    Start, stop and monitor your laundry from anywhere while receiving real-time notifications and updates
  • Reversible Washer Door – Simple 10-minute change

We are excited about this technology, so look out for it in Q1!


New Schedule Alert!


 Are you looking for something new to offer your customer in terms of appliances? If you, or your customer are ready to learn about the benefits of steam cooking, come join us for a tasty demonstration that will review the concept of combi-steam cooking in several different brand categories. Learn how this gentle, moist-heat cooking method enhances fish, chicken, vegetables, and more.


NEW for 2020!  This program covers the appliance selection process.  Participants will learn about the functional appliance element, including prep areas, cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing options.  Specific actionable guidelines and best practices will also be shared.

February 1st, 12:00pm-1:30pm

Contact to register.


At the request of a couple of our valued Trade Partners, we are adding a Site Preparation Presentation on February 11th at 8:00am.

Preparing for installation day through careful planning will:

ƒ – Set the stage for a smooth installation pro­cess and ensure that the appliances are ready to use right after installation

– ƒSave time & money

ƒ – Eliminate return visits

ƒ – Makes for happier customers

 To register for this class, please email:

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2019 Newsletters

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Kieffer’s Appliances featured at Design Home


 – Networking Tips

– Make Dinner, Not Reservations with Viking

 – Wolf’s M-Series is Worth the Hype


10 Tips for Networking

If you’re looking to grow your business, find talent or simply want an opportunity to meet people with your unique business challenges—the solution is to network! You’ve decided to give it a try, but now what?

I asked one our trade account managers, Kristen Cossa, who is at networking events weekly, and she offered the following tips:

  1. Join a trade association. It’s the best way to share ideas and develop new ways to improve the industry.  We all benefit by coming together, and there are so many great opportunities to grow your business with trade networking.
  2. As Epictectus said, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Most people don’t realize this, but listening is the most active communication you can do and will ultimately make both parties the most open and comfortable.
  3. Have fun. Trust me, there are worse working conditions than that of a two-hour period where you get to snack, have a cocktail and talk to people who you will either work with someday or become friends with, or if you’re lucky – both.
  4. Be sincere. Every person has a story, so inquire about the person’s life, even outside of work, for that is where true connections can be made.
  5. Wear a nametag and/or remember business cards. It may seem like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people have meaningful conversations but they cannot remember the person’s name.
  6. Tell them what you do. It doesn’t have to be an extended presentation, but if you mention it enough over time, a light bulb will go off when there is a need or a referral request.
  7. Connect, don’t sell! This may be counterintuitive, but as you build a personal connection, potential business opportunities often present themselves, even outside of networking.  People like working with people, not salespeople.
  8. If you can get an attendee list before the event, look up and research who may be a good connection—but not in a creepy or stalker-y way.
  9. Look for the wallflower. Just like in grade school, make sure no one is left out of conversation.  There is often a new person who doesn’t know anyone, include them or introduce them to others.
  10. Follow-up, and follow up soon. Sending someone a quick text or an email with a nice note will help keep you memorable, but will also put your information in their contact history on email/text.

Networking is one of the most important business techniques to keep in your toolbox, with a wide variety of methods to fit every personality and situation.  The above suggestions are pointers, but the only two hard requirements are a willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone and the intention to pay it forward by helping others when you can.


If you are interested in hearing more about trade associations, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to introduce you to someone.



Whether your kitchen is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, there’s an M series design that will work beautifully with your customer’s décor.

Contemporary in two styles with its minimalist, handleless design and color LCD touch panel, has a look sleek enough for even the most visionary kitchen.

Professional is bold, confident and eminently functional, with the classic pairing of iconic Wolf red control knobs and gleaming stainless steel.

Transitional, with its stainless frame and black glass, enhances almost any type of kitchen.  Whichever look you choose; you’ll enjoy the advanced performance that has made Wolf the choice of discriminating cooks for almost eighty years.

A New Type of Convection

The new Wolf M series Ovens feature a totally redesigned convection system, dubbed the “Dual Verticross” system.  It was designed to eliminate the need to adjust your oven racks.  It works by two corner column fans with parallel vertical heating elements which then work in tandem to provide just the right heat and airflow.  The preheat time is much quicker with this new system and the heat distribution is uniform, regardless of where you place your sheets.  This new fan system creates a hurricane of heat within the oven cavity, which has no area to escape.

Because Wolf has now removed the large protruding fans from the back of the units and relocated them to the back corners of the unit, the oven capacity has increased to 5.1 cu.ft.  The oven cavity is wider now too!

A New Display

A new and welcome addition is the full color LCD touch screen display that is not only responsive, but nice to look at.  It comes with built-in “Wolf Gourmet” cooking modes that walk you through step-by-step instructions for cooking various proteins.  One of our main gripes with the old L series was the very soft timer alert, which could barely be heard over any regular noise level.  Luckily, Wolf heard our gripes and the new M series timer alert is LOUD and audible – as well as configurable with volume and tone settings.

Adjustable Racks

You will also notice the inside of the door frame is now labeled 1-6, which refer to the 6 different rack positions available.  This is useful when using the Wolf Gourmet Feature.  When preparing a recipe, it will tell you exactly what rack position to use to get the best cooking results every time.

Designers—Have you tried “Reveal” yet?  It’s worth checking out if you are looking for product specifications in an intuitive and quick manner.  Save your project to your account and make changes at any time.  You can even create multiple configurations of different production (including, but not limited to the “M Series”) and decide later which you prefer.


Thermador Redefines the Culinary Experience with Innovative New Luxury Cooking Appliances Across Newly Redesigned Masterpiece® and Professional Collections

36” Masterpiece Gas Cooktop (SGSX365TS)

  • Patented Star® Burner’s unique five-point design offers more ports and flame distribution that a round burner does not
  • ExtraLow® Select burner with 5 precise settings is perfect for simmering or holding foods and melting chocolate without scorching or burning
  • A powerful 16,000 BTU center burner for rapid boiling and high heat searing (58,200 BTUs of overall heat output)
  • Continuous grates allow pots and pans to move effortlessly across the cooktop
  • Electronic re-ignition will automatically re-ignite the burner in case the flame goes out

30” Refrigerator Column and Freezer Columns (T30IR900SP/T30IF900SP)

  • A sleek clean design for providing symmetry when paired with additional columns
  • Freedom® Hinge enables true flush design
  • A touchscreen TFT display panel allows intuitive control over your refrigeration unit
  • SoftClose® drawers and product bins for easy and controlled storage.
  • STAR-K Sabbath compliant
  • Fully adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • LED Lighting

Professional Steam and Convection Oven (PODS301W)

  • The steam and convection ovens offer passionate cooks more cooking solutions – Broil, Steam, True Convection
  • Features a large steam capacity of 2.5 cubic feet with a 30” width and multiple racks
  • SoftClose® hinges prevent slamming and ensure ultra-smooth closing
  • Includes rack, pans, CookControl™ temperature probe and a recipe book
  • Enabled with Wifi. Home Connect –
    • Preheat your oven directly from your smart device
    • Explore recipes from app and send setting directly to your oven
    • Receive timely reminders when your oven is preheated, or dish is done
    • Remote Diagnostics.

24-Inch Built-in Panel Emerald® Dishwasher (DWHD650WPR)

  • Impressively Quiet® – 48 dBA for a peaceful kitchen experience
  • Chef’s tool drawer (3rd Rack) is designed to make loading and unloading tools and hard to place items extraordinarily easier

To learn more please contact Kieffer’s Appliances. Kieffer’s is an Appliance Destination in Lansdale, PA.  Founded in 1917 and still family owned, it is our mission to bring professional service, support, and a broad product selection to an industry dominated by large, impersonal retail chains to the trade and customers.  Kieffer’s Appliances has become the largest independent appliance dealer in the tristate area featuring over 60 brands of appliances in our award-winning Showroom.

Check out the newly designed convection, steam and speed oven, gas cooktop, column refrigeration, emerald-series dishwasher, and professional oven in Philadelphia Magazine’s Design Home.

Location:                  1432 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Villanova, PA 19085

Tour Dates:             October 12th – November 3rd

Tour Times:             11am – 4pm on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays

 Tour Tickets:           $25/pp

 Beneficiary:             All ticket proceeds benefit MANNA


Professional Performance for The Home with Viking

  • Commercial cooking technology and innovation once reserved for only restaurant kitchens is available for your home—only from Viking.  Viking originated the ultra-premium, commercial-type appliances for the home, creating a whole new category of home appliances.
  • To make it even better, Viking is now infused with a new culture from Middleby, one that continuously strives to ensure the best in class products, service and support.
  • Viking has adopted an ever-increasing focus on reliable product improvements, responsive customer service and quality innovation.  As a result of these efforts, the new Viking experience is the best it’s ever been.
  • Committed to innovative product design, unrivaled performance and peerless quality, Viking is headquartered in Greenwood, Mississippi and proudly made in the USA.  Viking appliances are recognized globally as the foremost brand in the high-end appliance industry and is sold through a network of premium appliance distributors and dealers worldwide.

7 Series Cooking Features

  • Elevation™ Burners
    Elevation™ Burners with brass flame ports boast 23,000 BTUs across the front of all width configurations, with multiple 15,000 BTUs and one 8,000 BTU burner across the rear.
  • VariSimmer™ Setting
    The VariSimmer™ Setting on ALL burners provides gentle, even simmering at precisely low cooking temperatures.
  • SureSpark™ Ignition System
    The exclusive SureSpark™ Ignition System ensures automatic ignition/re-ignition should the burners extinguish any time while cooking.
  • ViChrome™ Griddle
    Inspired by the Commercial plancha, the ViChrome™ Griddle interchanges with reversible grill/griddle accessory providing versatility for griddling and defrosting.
  • CoolLit™ LED Lights
    NEW BlackChrome™ Knobs with CoolLit™ LED backlighting.
  • Gourmet-Glo™ Gas Infrared Broiler
    Lock in all the savory juices of even the thickest porterhouse with the intense heat of the restaurant-quality Gourmet-Glo™ Infrared Broiler. Intense heat from the broiler sears meats and fish locking in juices.

Did you know?

  • Products from Middleby are endorsed by top chefs around the world
  • Found in 97% of service chains in the United States
  • Are in 1 out of 3 restaurants in the world
  • Endorsed by Gordon Ramsay

They shared this tried-and-true brain trust across both sides of our business, resulting in cleverly engineered residential products that perform up to professional standards and stand the test of time.

We set you up with SUCCESS!  The BEST Stoves, the BEST Ovens, the BEST Equipment…VIKING they are INCREDIBLE!!” ~Gordon Ramsey (MasterChef)



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July 2019 Newsletter

Trade partners only: Join us July 30th  for an Outdoor CEU and Barbecue! Contact to reserve your spot!


  • Why Kalamazoo Loves Live Fire Grilling
  • Wolf Grills: One Leader of the Pack
  • New! Outdoor Modular Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen Solutions


An Interview with John and Jace Kieffer

Kieffer’s Appliances is one of the largest independent appliance dealers in the tri-state area featuring over 60 brands in our Super showroom serving both trade and retail customers.

John, who inspired you to start your business?

Kieffer’s is 100 years old this year. It was around long before we were; my great-grandfather started it. Originally, the store started out selling a combination of tires, ice, and ice boxes (this was before refrigeration) but when our grandfather saw he was losing customers because they were buying appliances he began to shift what he carried and sell the latest hardware. In the 1960s, our store moved to Lansdale to expand, we’ve been here ever since.

Jace, what sparked your interest in continuing your family business?

The opportunity to work hand-in-hand with my dad was a big draw for me out of college. I always grew up in the business — I worked on the delivery trucks and cleaning appliances but it’s pretty easy to come to work every day and get to work with my father.

Jace, how does Kieffer’s specialize in the trade?

We are always thinking of ways to add more value to our trade partners, whether it’s adding a support staff to fill out paperwork for our trade partners so that they don’t have to do anything for certain trade programs, to creating presentations with easily-accessed specs for each appliance, we strive to be a true partner to the trade. We are also involved in many trade associations, from the HBA, to the NKBA, AIA, ASID and NARI.

Jace, what is your favorite appliance?

Easy, my smoker. If you’ve ever had a finely smoked brisket, or even smoked wings, you already get this, but a smoker doesn’t just add flavor, it also keeps meat nice and tender, and aids in preserving meat for the long haul if you want to age it. Whether you hot smoke and cook while you infuse flavor, or cold smoke to add flavor for later, a good smoker is an amazing thing.


Featured Brand – Wolf

We carry many brands, but one of the most requested brand is Wolf…but did you know you can design a complete Wolf entertainment-ready outdoor kitchen space or select from Wolf’s exceptional built-in or freestanding models available in 30″, 36″, 42″, and 54″ widths.



For added cooking convenience, pair Wolf freestanding and integrated grills with 13″ side burner modules and more. Consider incorporating an outdoor ice maker, refrigerator, warming drawers, and built-in garbage to your (grill)master plan.


The key to flawless grilling is uniform heat distribution through direct and radiant heat. With Wolf, direct gas burners deliver high, searing temperatures while briquettes distribute it evenly.


Just as you would expect from Wolf, the double-walled stainless, precision welds of these well-built grills resist rusting, water retention, and the natural elements.


Why Kalamazoo Loves Live Fire Grilling

Gas versus charcoal grilling is an age-old debate that rages on amongst avid grillers. The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association announced that it will be another strong year for the barbecue industry; showing that over 85 percent of North American households owns a grill or smoker. Grill purchases have been on the rise over the past few years, accounting for 41 percent of all grill sales in the United States, second only to gas grill sales which make up 57 percent of the market.

Gas grills are easy to use and convenient – ideal for weeknights when you’re pressed for time (and patience). But grilling with charcoal is a much more artisanal experience. Cooking with a live fire is a primitive art that requires practice and skill. A lot goes into building the perfect fire, manipulating it to achieve the right heat, and tending to it as you cook. Not to mention there’s something a little bit exciting about playing with fire.

Some people say they love the “flavor” that grilling with charcoal yields; but the biggest difference between gas and charcoal is the heat characteristics. Charcoal doesn’t necessarily flavor your food, because the majority of the wood flavor is burned out in the kiln during the charcoal making process. It does however generate a very dry heat that allows you to perfectly sear a piece of meat and achieve a gorgeous caramelized crust, or reach low heats gas grills can’t, perfect for low and slow cooking. A gas flame, especially one from natural gas, contains water vapor, producing a moist heat that doesn’t deliver the same perfect crust that we expect from charcoal.

Live fire grilling also affords you the option to burn wood. Wood has its own unique heat characteristics that add more flavor to your food. A wood fire is definitely more challenging to cook with than charcoal, as it doesn’t burn as cleanly or evenly, but the flavors you can achieve are phenomenal.

The age-old debate between gas and charcoal continues, but why choose when you can have both? Kalamazoo pioneered a grill that lets you use any combination of gas, charcoal and wood. The Hybrid Fire Grill is the first and only of its kind. Powerful cast brass burners are situated below a Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer which is designed to hold wood and charcoal. The drawer can be left empty for powerful as-only grilling, or filled with wood and charcoal for an authentic live fire cooking experience. The ability to cook interchangeably with three different fuels means unparallel cooking versatility. Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grills allow you to sear, cook with indirect heat, rotisserie roast and smoke – all on the same grill.

Whatever your preference, cooking with a live fire can deliver incredible results. And, from the searing, dry heat that’s typical of charcoal, to the earthy, wood flavor that smoking imparts, there is something deeply primal about mastering a live fire.

The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill


Urban Bonfire

A modular, outdoor solution for those who was an alternative to stone outdoor kitchen.

Urban Bonfire is compatible with all major outdoor cooking equipment brands and quality domestic manufacturing, Urban Bonfire is the market leader in creating truly memorable outdoor living and entertaining spaces.

Design, Quality & Craftsmanship Features

More than just beautiful aesthetics and finishes, our rugged cabinet modules are domestically built and assembled from quality materials and finished by experienced craftspeople. Every Urban Bonfire kitchen system includes the following standard features and arrives fully assembled and easy to install.


Thick gauge aluminum construction


Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in North America


304 stainless steel interior hardware


Engineered to withstand most climate and weather conditions


Full interior and exterior electrostatic powder coating for color, style and protection from the elements


Developed in collaboration with renowned North American designers


Rigid cabinet structure designed to support most countertop materials and cooking equipment


Each cabinet equipped with a self-leveling toe kick


Made entirely of non-combustible materials


Fully customized system allows for easy accessorization, upgrades and expansion


Compatible with all major grill and outdoor cooking brands


Ten-year limited warranty

Urban Bonfire Custom Outdoor Kitchen Systems are compatible with most major grill and outdoor cooking brands including:

Saber, Lynx, Sedona, Caliber, Kalamazoo, Evo, Crown Verity, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, DCS, Coyote, Blaze, Alfresco, American Muscle Grill, American Outdoor Grill, Bull, Capital, Cove, Fire Magic, Grill Dome, Napoleon, Perlick, Subzero, Summerset, TEC, True, Twin Eagles, Wolf, Weber, Hestan, Pitt, Summit, Marvel, Solaire, Jackson Grill


Urban Bonfire offers a curated selection of colors, hardware design, accessories and material options to allow for full creativity in the layout, functionality and appearance of every custom kitchen

Powder Coating & Colors

Their featured colors were carefully developed with designers with many outdoor environments in mind.


Each cabinet includes our premium 304 stainless steel handle. For added personalization and design, handle upgrades in wood and solid bronze are available.


Fully welded powder-coated aluminum planter boxes are designed to complement any outdoor kitchen with greenery.

Available in free-standing and countertop models. Come to our showroom or call your trade account representative for more information.


Join Us for an Outdoor Kitchen Design CEU & Barbecue!

DATE & TIME: July 30th, 5:00pm-6:00pm, BBQ at 6:00pm

LOCATION: Kieffer’s Appliances, 785 Sumneytown Pike, Lansdale, PA 19446



  • Join us for an CEU accredited Winning Outdoor Kitchen Design course. This course covers the key principles of outdoor kitchen design with a focus on creating usable spaces that are easy to live with. It will help you expand your expertise and serve clients in one of the biggest trends in outdoor living.


This program covers the four primary types of outdoor kitchen construction. Participants will learn about the functional design elements for kitchen layout, including prep areas, storage, and equipment placement. Specific actionable guidelines founded in some of the best practices for indoor kitchen design will also be shared.


ƒ         Learn to apply proven indoor kitchen design best practices that have been translated to the specific needs of the outdoors. Also, identify and avoid the most common outdoor kitchen design mistakes

ƒ         Evaluate client cooking and entertaining needs and translate them into successful designs.

ƒ         Discover specific and actionable recommendations for kitchen layout, including work space, storage space, equipment placement, seating and more.


 To register for this class, please email:

Not Available For Download
coming soon
April 2019 Newsletter

Trade Partners Only:  Join us April 18th at Noon for a steam demo!

Contact to reserve your spot!


A Cocktail Party for 100 People

Written by Brenda Kieffer

Have you ever thought about cooking for 100 people?  Well, here at Kieffer’s, we do it all the time.  Of course, we do have some advantages: a prep crew, a serving staff and serving pieces galore, what we DON’T have may surprise you.  We don’t have many working appliances on the showroom floor.  We cook everything in/on a Woodstone pizza oven, a Lynx grill, a Gaggenau combi-steam oven and one induction burner.  How do we do it?  First, we provide lots of paperwork, menu development and testing, grocery lists, task lists by person and a timeframe and servers’ information sheets.  Three days before the event, ingredients are purchased, washed and stored, then comes the prep work on the day proceeding the event, when the team chops, dices, slices, marinates, mixes and labels everything needed for cooking and assembling the final product.

Event day sees the team setting up the food displays, the servers station, the cooking and assembling stations and “The Pass” or the expediting station, where a chef oversees all the food for quality and appearance before it is taken to event guests.  Almost all the food is cooked “a la minute” or right before it’s served.  For the food that is cooked ahead of time, such as the Lamb Meatballs with Preserved Lemon Tahini, the Gaggenau Combi-Steam oven does a fabulous job of refreshing the meatballs to the proper temperature without recooking them.  The Lynx grill and the Woodstone pizza oven serve as our searing locations with either metal sizzle plates in the pizza oven or directly on the grill, weather permitting, to turn out beautifully cooked proteins.  This is not magic, just a lot of preparation, good people, experience and a few great appliances!

Check out Chef Brenda’s recipes on or join us for a steam cooking demo April 18th!


Samsung SmartHub Refrigerator

Your clients may be interested in the Samsung SmartHub refrigerator.  Its main feature is a touch screen or essentially a giant tablet stuck onto a refrigerator.  It has 36 apps, including Spotify, FreshDirect, Uber, and things like a Morning Brief (for an audio rundown of your day) and a Fridge Manager, which controls the temperature of the refrigerator, among other things.


You can use the Meal Planner app to pick a recipe for dinner and tell it to send the necessary ingredients to the Shopping List app (so when you’re at the store you check your smartphone for your list and check off seamlessly). You can even order groceries from services like Instacart, and there are three cameras mounted inside the fridge so when you’re out, you can check the video feed from the Family Hub app on your phone (assuming you don’t keep the items on one of the door shelves: The cameras’ field of view doesn’t include those or the contents of the crisper drawers).


Integrate family member’s schedules by syncing calendars, sharing photos and sending messages (can be cute ones from the notes app) from your refrigerator to your family’s phones and vice versa.


Stream your favorite music from apps like Spotify or mirror your Samsung TV right on your refrigerator.


Simplify your life through the SmartThings app by controlling smart devices and appliances; set lights, adjust the thermostat or monitor your baby’s room.

As a refrigerator, the Samsung RF28N9780SR does very well. It offers great thermostat control and temperature uniformity, it’s very quiet and energy efficient, and it’s easy to use. You’ll find ice and water dispensers, spill proof and uniquely adjustable shelves (you can raise and lower them without removing the food), power freeze and power cool functions (perfect for quickly freezing meats or chilling warm beer), and a flexible freezer compartment that can be converted into an additional storage space for fresh foods when needed.

If you’re considering shelling out the cost of the Family Hub, it should be because of the touch screen and added smarts. Otherwise, you can get the Samsung RF28K9070SR—virtually the same refrigerator, without a touch screen, and costs less. Like every appliance decision, it’s about what’s right for you and your customer.



Introducing Columns by Liebherr

Why Liebherr Refrigeration?

Liebherr, One of The World’s Largest Manufacturers of Construction Machinery, Has Expanded To 11 Divisions with A Wide Array of Product Areas, Including Luxury Refrigerators.

When you build machinery that literally makes the earth move, you learn a lot about durability. Liebherr is Europe’s largest private manufacturer of residential and commercial refrigerators and freezers. Liebherr designs, engineers and manufactures 80% of the components that go into its products.

When it comes to appliances, we don’t build ovens. We don’t build dishwashers. All our research and development is focused on making the world’s best refrigerators. Period.

The next generation of home refrigeration is here. Introducing Monolith, a towering achievement in cooling technology from Liebherr. Monolith is the culmination of Liebherr’s 60 years of refrigeration innovation and expertise. An impressive 84” from top to bottom, this monumental wonder of German engineering takes food preservation to a new level.


Thermador Introduces a Powerhouse Collection of Professional Ranges, featuring the Largest Lineup in its History

  • Thermador delivers the largest lineup of ranges in its history with the introduction of the new Pro Ranges collection.
  • Engineered to suit both large and compact kitchens, the new collection features two lines – Pro Harmony® and Pro Grand® – each providing more configuration options than ever before.
  • Select Pro Ranges feature, the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect, connecting consumers to exclusive content, unique partnerships and customized product guidance.

Completely re-designed, the new collection boasts milled stainless steel, the option for all-new metallic blue knobs, a bull-nose front and a color display on select models.

Pro Grand® Range

For those with culinary ambitions as great as their bold style, Thermador introduces the Pro Grand® Range.  Select Pro Grand® Range sizes combine Pedestal Star® Burners with a griddle, a grill, or the all-new Liberty Induction Module which features two induction zones for added flexibility and HeatShift™ technology (automatically adjusts the heat when a pot or pan is moved from one zone to another).

Available in 36”, 48” and 60” models, the collection boasts steam and convection combination options, a commercial-depth oven to accommodate caterers’ sheet pans, a new glass door and bright lighting for improved visibility. Additional new features include the Multi-Point Meat Probe, which allows for temperature readings from multiple points for consistency, and distinct cooking options such as the ExtraLow simmering technology—all combined into one powerhouse appliance.

Pro Harmony® Range

Available in 30”, 36” or 48” sizes, with a TRULY FLUSH design that blends into the surrounding cabinetry, Pro Harmony® Ranges offer powerful elegance and customizable configuration options, including one-of-a-kind Star® Burners with either a griddle or grill. Features such as the ExtraLow® function provides a wide range of temperature control, while the QuickClean Base® ensures cleanup made easy with a raised pedestal burner and porcelain maintop.

Additionally, the Pro Harmony Ranges deliver the ultimate in luxury performance. In a 30” design, the powerful burners fire up to a total of 59,000 BTUs yet only require 300 CFM venting. The Pro Harmony® Ranges also have single fan convection technology, which keeps the temperature consistent throughout the cavity and allows for multi-rack cooking – ensuring controlled airflow patterns optimize the transfer of heat so food is heated evenly.

A Winning Pairing is Just a Few Clicks Away.

Don’t want to go through the effort of tracking your customer’s orders to submit to Thermador’s Star Partner Program? Don’t worry—we have a team that does the paperwork for you! Just email to find out more.





Trade Secrets

As part of working with Kieffer’s, we ensure that everyone that needs specifications has a convenient link file. There are often configurations that aren’t even in the manufacture specifications, so for Sub-Zero Wolf, we’ve started referencing their “Reveal” cabinet design tool. The speed of hassle-free, accurate specifications with the click and drag of a mouse is an industry-first, and with updates happening regularly. Their product configuration tool includes Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products. For any specs, your Kieffer’s Trade Account Manager can help you, or if you want to check it out for yourself, here you go!



In Memoriam

We are saddened to report that one of our installers, Mike Warner, has passed away. “Mike has been like family to Kieffer’s; his father Ray worked as a sub-contractor for us, starting back in the 70’s and passed his knowledge down to Mike, who has worked as a contractor from early 90’s.  It was just last year that he became our Lead Installer and Trainer.  Mike has played a critical role in making our install division the best out there and he will be sorely missed” said Jace Kieffer, Vice President.

Other than appliances, many knew Mike’s other love was music…especially the Grateful Dead.  We think it would make him smile to leave with you a line from the chorus of “Truckin”, which ends with the stanza:  Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.  Life isn’t straightforward and perhaps we shouldn’t be either, but instead be more creative and flexible when accomplishing goals in life.  RIP Michael Warner 1966-2019.


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2018 Newsletters

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October 2018 Newsletter




Excite your customer and specify something interesting!

Attend a Combi-Steam Demonstration at our showroom (limited seating, register here )



John S: The Man Behind the Scenes

Many know that Kieffer’s is in it’s fourth generation as a family-run company. But what some don’t realize is that John Suhadolnik (John Kieffer’s brother-in-law, and Jace Kieffer’s uncle)- known here as “S”, has been in running the operations department for 31 years now. He likes to stay out of the spotlight, so naturally we wanted to do a piece on him.

He met Mary Ellen Kieffer in the Fall of 1980 in college at LaSalle, and it was love at first sight. After John and Brenda Kieffer took over the family business in 1987, John Kieffer successfully recruited his brother-in-law, ”S” to join the team after a few years of convincing.

“Nothing and everything has changed since then,” S admits. “It’s planning deliveries and schedules days out,and being nimble enough to make changes on the fly.” Some of the major changes he may tell you, is that over the last five years we have been doing large multi-unit projects, which may be the same process but on a much larger scale. To support operations, we have a full staff of Logistic Coordinators working with project managers on the construction schedule.  When he first started, trade partners made up less than 5% of sales, and they now account for around 84%, so the focus and the future of Kieffer’s is clear. “Our focus on the various trades is something that has empowered us to endure.”

One of the other major changes/evolutions in the last 5 years is the integration of the CRM (customer relationship management) tool—a proprietary and custom online database that connects our salespeople with the trade partner’s purchases, warranties and information at the click of the button. There is also new functionality that is integrating more of the installation and delivery schedules. One thing that will not change, S assures us, are last minute changes—as is true with every construction schedule. That is where the person and communication is a key component, and the technology is only there as a tool and resource. And that, he concludes, is something that does not change.



Miele: Project Highlight

A new generation of extremely slender skyscrapers is altering the New York skyline. Rising to over one thousand feet above midtown Manhattent. One57 is the seventh tallest building in the Big Apple. Although it’s right in the heart of the city, the location near Central Park provides a leafy outlook – and a landmark for the walkers in the park.

Interior design by the Danish designer Thomas Juul-Hansen. Inspired by French modern style, natural surfaces are predominant. The whole interior design of the apartments was created exclusively for One57 – including the kitchens.

Miele also has builder programs for custom builders. To find out more, contact your Kieffer’s Trade Account Manager or email



Cooking+Steam= Amazing



Precise control heat, steam and airflow with any dish, from roast chicken to chocolate brownies to garlic-roasted asparagus. Even bake bread like a pro and bring leftovers back to life. The ten modes are Steam, Auto Steam Bake, Convection, Convection Humid, Convection Steam, Gourmet, Slow Roast, Reheat, Recipes and Keep Warm.


Simply tell it the type of food you are putting in the oven – anything from a soufflé to a crown roast to a few sweet potatoes. The climate sensor detects the volume, shape and consistency and adjusts time, temperature and humidity for guesswork-free delicious results, every time.


The unit can be installed flush with cabinetry and paired with other Wolf products to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design. And since it isn’t plumbed, it can be installed anywhere without requiring special water lines.


The oven’s large water tank provides 90 minutes of continuous steam cooking. Thoughtfully designed, it can be refilled when needed without opening the oven door and interrupting the cooking process.


Built with superior-quality materials, Wolf products are designed to last a minimum of 20 years under far heavier use than any home cook will ever subject them to. To ensure reliability, engineers stress-test designs under laboratory conditions that simulate years of use. Major components are tested and subjected to extreme stresses prior to going into the final design of the unit, and every major function of every completed product is tested before shipping.


Coming soon

Nugget Ice Machines designed with the residential customer in mind. Providing unsurpassed performance with exclusive features such as the highest production of up to 90 lbs. of ice per day, 5 levels of ice density(from nugget to flake ince), and options with an interior water dispenser. 






  • U-Choose feature offers five levels of ice density
  • Produces up to 90 lb of ice per day
  • Industry Leading: Stores 30 lb of ice
  • Makes cylindrical compressed ice bits approx. 3⁄4” L x 1⁄2” H
  • Eco friendly – uses only 2 oz of water per 1 lb of ice produced
  • Digital touch pad control with blue LED display
  • Indicator alert notifies user when cleaning is needed
  • Soft close door with articulating hinge
  • Bright white LED lighting
  • Easiest nugget ice machine cleaning process in the industry
  • Integrated model requires 3⁄4” custom door panel and handle (not supplied by U-Line)
  • Field reversible door is shipped right-hand hinged
  • Built-in or freestanding
  • Four adjustable leveling legs
  • Factory installed drain pump model available


The Appliance Lifecycle!

Many of our trade partner’s or their clients ask If you want to make sure you get all the useful life out of your appliances, we’re here to help. Here are some tips from our trade account managers to help your customers maintain your appliances, so they work for as long as possible.

Dishwashers: 10-13 years

While you don’t have to pre-wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, with most dishwashers you should scrape dishes before loading them. Also, there are products specially formulated to clean your dishwasher, and you may prefer to use those. But you can just as easily run your empty machine using white vinegar once a month, more often if you see signs that the dishes are not coming out of the wash totally clean.

Washers: 10-13 years

Top loading washers typically last a few years longer than a front-loader. Wipe a front-loader’s gasket after you’ve finished doing the laundry, and leave the washer door ajar between loads, so it can dry out.

Dryers: 10-13 years

Most everyone knows to clean out the lint filter every time you use the dryer, but washing it every three months with a bit of detergent and cleaning the vent from the back of the dryer every other year will also extend the life of your dryer and prevent hazards.

Oven ranges: 10-15 years

Don’t use the self-cleaning function. Self-cleaning, often with temperatures that go over 1000°, is a particular problem. The elements and the oven just get so hot — much, much hotter than the 350° to 500° range of normal baking — that sometimes fuses pop and control panels burn out.

Refrigerators: 10 years

Dirt, dust, and pet hair can clog up refrigerator coils, restricting air flow and causing the refrigerator to work harder to keep cool. Once or twice a year, use a handheld vacuum to clean the coils and suck up any loose particles. The location of refrigerator coils varies by model, but most can be found either behind the kick plate (the front panel near the floor) or at the rear of the fridge.

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July 2018 Newsletter


Have you or your clients ever discussed a combi-steam oven? Or are you looking for something to include in a kitchen design for the discerning customer?

Come see a live cooking demo July 30th in our new demo kitchen- we’ll go over the features and benefits (LIVE) from brands like Dacor, Miele, Wolf, Thermador, Jennair and Sharp.


RSVP today! (Seating is limited)

The Rivera Brothers

Bringing Families Together

Written by:  Interns Lisa Cunningham & Greta Phillips

Anyone who has siblings or close family members knows what sibling rivalry is like. This is especially common in siblings that are close in age.  Lucas Rivera and his brother, Dante Rivera, who both work as Installers at Kieffer’s Appliances are also no strangers to this competitive nature.  Lucas began working at Kieffer’s Appliances almost two years ago, and soon after, his brother, Dante, also joined the staff. When Lucas originally found out Dante was searching for a job, he quickly encouraged him to consider working at Kieffer’s.

“When my brother was inquiring about a job, I directed him to Mr. Kieffer,” Lucas said. “I knew that he was going to pass the interview too, I mean it’s us.”

The two brothers, who are nine months apart, were raised by their single mother and grew up alongside their younger brother and sister. According to Dante, the brothers developed a sibling rivalry at a young age. “When we were kids we were competitive,” Dante said. “After a while, we came to an agreement where instead of wanting to fight with each other, we sit down and talk,” Dante said. Thanks to their respective jobs at Kieffer’s, they have found a way to turn their competitive tendencies into something that benefits them, their relationship, and their work. They enjoy the time they spend together on the job. “We challenge each other, and we make it fun. When we work together, I know it’s going to be a better day.” Lucas said. Lucas and Dante speak fondly of their time at Kieffer’s and appreciate that John Kieffer himself keeps the importance of family as one of the company’s pillars of success by hosting galas, holiday parties and more for all the employees. “What surprised the most about working here is the gatherings,” Dante said. “At every other company I have worked at, they don’t really do stuff like that. Where he’s like more family oriented and everybody is like just business.” Lucas agrees that this type of welcoming, kind, and personal work environment is not something you find every day. “I never had a boss like that. He can be stern, but like he said he can also be a friend,” Lucas said. Although they do not work with each other every day and have their own families to take care of, Lucas and Dante have been able to maintain a close relationship with each other and make time for one another as much as possible.

Kalamazoo.  Go Ahead and Drool.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is the leader in outdoor kitchens. Their grills, pizza ovens, smoker cabinets, refrigeration and cabinetry set the standard for performance, quality and innovation. The unwavering commitment to hand-crafted production sets Kalamazoo’s product line apart from the rest. They offer the most extensive outdoor kitchen collections in the world, with a vast range of options to meet even the most unique needs. Experience a Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen and one thing becomes clear: form and function are united, and every design detail is considered.

Kalamazoo’s ultimate goal is to support you throughout the design journey and create a stunning space that will be a joy to use for years to come.

Product Highlights:

  • The Ultimate High-Performance Grills: The world’s best grills come from Kalamazoo. Discover high powered grilling with the Hybrid Fire Grill that cooks with any combination of gas, wood and charcoal. Harness the rugged intensity of life wood-fired grilling of the Argentinian-style Gaucho Grill.
  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens Worthy of Napoli: Reaching temperatures more than 800°F, Kalamazoo’s Artisan Quality Pizza Ovens cook perfect Neapolitan-style pizza in just two minutes.
  • The World’s First Undercounter Charcoal Smoker Cabinet: The competition-grade, gravity-fed charcoal Smoker Cabinet by Kalamazoo is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the most sophisticated outdoor kitchens.
  • Two Comprehensive Lines of Outdoor Cabinets: Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with a choice of two distinctly different collections of outdoor cabinetry tailored to meet your personal style with a variety of different textures, materials, colors and configuration options.
  • The World’s First Full Outdoor Kitchen Collection Available in Marine-Grade Stainless Steel: Offering homeowners the option to upgrade their kitchen with additional corrosion resistance for coastal climates.

Miele’s Combi-Steam Oven

Now a Full-Fledged Oven Function


Steam has been used in professional kitchens for years and is becoming all the rage with the discerning high-end residential customer.  Miele just launched the XXL Combi-Steam Oven (DGC6760) that has three appliances in one.

The three options:

  • Steam Oven:
    • As the cooking duration for cooking with steam are the same as in a saucepan, you do not have to change your cooking habits
    • External steam heats up the cooking time and steam distribution for even results
  • Convection
    • Feel free to use the convection fan as an option to cook your dishes more quickly and evenly
  • Conventional Heating and Grilling
    • A combination of moist and dry heat for perfect results, particularly when baking or roasting

Some other highlights of the Combi-Steam Oven are the electronic climate control sensor that measures and regulates moisture, automatic menu cooking that allows combine up to three programs for different foods, and the RemoteVision WiFi technology that connects to Miele’s monitoring center to help with any problems.

Miele Combi-Steam ovens are ideal for cooking a wide array of dishes.  With your Combi-Steam oven, you can cook various dishes individually or an entire meal all at once! Utilize all of the XXL’s shelves for a comprehensive cooking experience! You can prepare a crisp pastry tart, a juicy roast, and a veggie side dish that’s bursting with flavor, simultaneously.

The Miele combi-steam oven works intuitively in a step-by-step format. With 11 main operating modes at your fingertips, pre-heat is just a touch away. The Master Chef program boasts more than 100 recipes for simple food items from grains and vegetables to exotic foods such as salsify and ostrich.

The XXL Combi-Steam oven will be available as plumbed or non-plumbed. Additionally, a 30” Trim Kit to mount the XXL model over a 30” oven will become available some time in 2018.

The only all-black stainless steel pro range, now on display!

Explore the full Dacor line in live kitchen settings and a variety of applications and kitchen styles, too.

Steam-Roasting and Steam-Baking

For meats that are juicy on the inside, yet brown and crispy on the outside, and bread that is fluffy and moist on the inside, yet flaky on the outside.

Dual-Stack Sealed Brass Burners

From the ultimate power of 22K BTUs to the precision of a delicate 77 BTU controlled simmer, this is truly a range with range.

Wi-Fi-Enables Seven-Inch LCD Control Panel

The touch interface serves as your culinary command center, allowing you to effortlessly swipe through cooking functions, access pre-programmed settings and follow step-by-step recipes.


Not Available For Download
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January 2018 Newsletter

Growing Up in the Business

Written by: Katie Marmero

When I was young, I always had the best playhouse, rocket ship, and theater set the school play had ever seen – all from cardboard and all from my family business.   Growing up in the appliance business came with those perks, but I put in hard work for each one of those boxes!   My other friends didn’t spend time at work with their parents or help out in their offices, but this was the norm for me.

As a child, the warehouse was the best place for hide and seek and dusting the showroom always got me a movie ticket.  As a teenager, instead of babysitting like my friends, I was answering phone calls, doing inventory with my dad, or filing bills for my mom.  Through college, I worked in the service department over summers and holidays and then moved back after graduation to manage the logistics of the new online sales department.  A few years later, the decision was made to sell the business and my work there ended shortly after.

It was a hard transition after 26 years in the business, but I was 100% positive that this was going to change my career path – I was going to use my college degree, or get a new one, or at least find a job in Philadelphia that I can walk to and get rid of my car, right?  I had big plans all during a huge job recession.  I got some calls from other local businesses that were hiring in retail or administration that knew my family, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

A few months later, I got a phone call from John Kieffer, and after telling him I wasn’t looking for a retail position, he asked me to come in and talk about other opportunities.

Kieffer’s has outside Trade Account Managers, which are committed to the trade, with direct support. That may sound smart and simple, but it is not the norm for a family-owned appliance business.  I had never worked in sales.  I came from a service background.  I knew the products from listening to sales in the showroom, and model numbers from doing inventory; so why not sales?  But stuck in appliances, again?   My husband assured me this should be my next step.  “You KNOW this” he said.  I stopped fighting it, I stopped looking for the big change and started looking forward to something familiar.

The background my family had provided, prepared me to succeed in the industry and the support of a new family pushed me to learn the new skills needed to succeed in service-oriented sales.  One of the most interesting parts of the transition was meeting Jace Kieffer, the 3rd generation, and finding out that we had a similar experience growing up in the industry.  I have a lovely degree hanging on my wall, and I drive to see clients pretty much every day, so still have the car, but it turns out my biggest plan was in the works well before I knew it.


Jennair’s Accolade

Does your kitchen have a sleek and modern design where a hood just doesn’t work? Individually crafted and hand-polished, Jennair’s Accolade downdraft’s graceful movement is matched by its singular performance: it powerfully, quietly, and beautifully clears the air; then disappears on command.  Let’s look at some of it’s hot features!

  1. The Accolade makes a bold statement by elegantly rising up to 19 inches and removing all the odors and smells from all types of cookware – from shallow sauté pans to tall stockpots.
  2. It comes with three exhaust positions that help ensure optimal installation of the unit.  It also has four-fan speeds, so it can handle all types of cooking.
  3. The design of this downdraft is curved; which helps capture a lot of smoke and the 10” round exterior venting enables quiet airflow for efficient performance.
  4. This downdraft is extremely intuitive.  The timed blower clears the kitchen of cooking vapors, even after the food has finished cooking by gradually reducing the speed until it turns off.
  5. Concealed controls, yet easily accessible, maintain the hood’s elegant aesthetic.  Additionally, the LED lighting also adds a refined look to your kitchen.


Seeing is believing! Stop by our Lansdale showroom to test it for yourself.


The How and Why of Connected Appliances: Bosch Feature

The future has arrived.  Many manufacturers have already or are planning to integrate smart technology into appliances, and Bosch is no exception. From doing the dishes, to brewing a frothy latte, to keeping an eye on your oven, the Home Connect app allows your customer to remotely monitor and control your Bosch appliances from your smartphone or tablet for greater convenience and safety.  Some customers see why this is so important, other’s may need a few examples of how smart appliances can make their life better.

Download the Home Connect App from the Apple App Store (iOS)

Download the Home Connect App from the Google Play Store (Android)

  1. Coffee that’s ready before you are – the Home Connect app lets you order coffee from anywhere in your home, using your smartphone or tablet.  Every second counts in the morning in most households, and having the perfect cup of coffee waiting for you (yes, you can save coffee recipes) is quite the luxury.


  1. Speaking of busy mornings, if you forgot to start the dishwasher, have no fear; you can start the dishwasher from anywhere.  To keep your dishwasher performing at its very best, Home Connect can alert you whenever your dishwasher is running low on rinse aid, detergent tabs and salt—and if you have Amazon, it can even order dish tabs when you’re running low.


  1. A refrigerator that notifies you when the door is left open.  Your Bosch connected refrigerator can notify you on your smartphone or tablet if the temperature increases, in the case that the door didn’t quite close all the way.  The Home Connect app also offers helpful tips, like when adding new food to the freezer, help it freeze faster and prevent your existing food from defrosting by activating the SuperFreeze function. With Home Connect, it’s easy to activate SuperFreeze from anywhere.  Plus, your freezer will automatically return to normal after a set time, for optimum efficiency.


  1. Save time by preheating your oven from anywhere.  Remote preheat lets you turn on your Home Connect enabled oven remotely using your smartphone.  Activate push notifications in the app, and you’ll get the information you need to monitor the entire cooking process.  You’ll not only be able to see when the oven is preheated, but you’ll also be notified as soon as your meal is ready.  And if you need to adjust the oven temperature, you can simply do it from within the app—a great option for the customer who wants a preheated oven by the time they get home from work or the grocery store.  And if you forget to turn off the oven, you can turn it off from anywhere.  All that, along with helpful recipe tips and tricks, to up your game in the kitchen.


  1. Start your laundry, even when you’re on-the-go. With your Bosch connected washing machine, you can start or adjust a load of laundry from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.  This is especially handy for those last-minute changes in life.


  1. Turn your smartphone into the ultimate Bosch repair kit.  It can be stressful if your home appliances don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Remote diagnostics is here to help.  Simply call the Home Connect phone number and make an appointment for a remote diagnosis of your connected appliance.  With your permission, Bosch Customer Service can remotely access your appliance, locate the problem area, and provide advice on the best solution.  In the event that the problem cannot be solved remotely, a Bosch Service Technician can schedule an in-home appointment to resolve the issue, equipped with the necessary parts already in hand.

According to Statista’s Outlook report, Smart Appliances grew 31% from 2016 to 2017 with more infiltration forecasted year over year—so if you’re interested and want to know more, be sure to reach out to your Kieffer’s Trade Account Manager to stay connected.


Product Feature:  18” Perlick Refrigeration

The design community asked, and Perlick responded.  They recently created the industry’s first shallow depth refrigerator.  SOTTILE, Perlick’s 18″ Shallow-Depth Wine Reserve’s compact nature gives your customers the ability to store 20+ bottles of wine in a smaller footprint than a traditional 24″ unit.  Build into a kitchen island or stack to keep their favorite vintages at the perfect temperature anywhere in the home.


Key Features

  • Industry Exclusive 18″ depth for design flexibility
  • 32″ height with leveling legs
  • Designed for maximum capacity while adhering to strict 34″ counter height ADA-compliant requirements
  • Available with solid stainless-steel door, solid wood overlay door, stainless steel glass door or wood overlay glass door
  • Includes five (5) full-extension wine shelves
  • Product capacity is 20 wine bottles (750 ml) with room for additional bottles underneath
  • Wine Reserve temperature 40° – 68°F (factory set to 45°F)


Kieffer’s Advantage Trade Partner Program

Certified Installers

Over 100 years in the business- rest easy knowing you’re referring customers to a reliable appliance partner

Exclusive invitations to industry events

Dedicated Trade Account Manager

Access to special Trade Partner incentive programs

Contact your dedicated sales representative or visist to register today


Kieffer’s Operations and Certified Installer Team

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2017 Newsletters

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November Newsletter

Designers are in love.

EuroChef USA, importer of fine Italian cooking products, offers two great lines through Ellsworth Architectural Products: Ilve (ill-vey) and Verona.

Each handcrafted Ilve range can be customized in both color, style and metal finish to become the centerpiece of your kitchen. Designing your unique range is almost limitless by using one of eight standard colors or 220 RAL colors. Choose from Chrome, Brass, Oil-[hand] Rubbed Bronze or Copper handles, trim and knobs. You can even mix two metal finishes on a single range. Every custom-designed range is hand assembled which means you need to allow 10 to 12 weeks from order date for custom orders.

Ilve ranges provide the most functionality of any range, with nine ways to cook on the cooktop surface alone! Each range is equipped with true convection, an electric rotisserie, and a full width warming drawer.  Optional accessories include: a pizza stone, steam cooker, BBQ grill, bain-marie, glide racks and more.

Ilve ranges received the prestigious “A” Energy Rating in Europe – the equivalent of the US Energy Star Certification.

And then there is Verona – offering a 36” dual fuel, all-gas or all-electric range in two distinct styles; the “N” or “Classic” Series.  These ranges are available in single or exclusive double oven configurations – both with convection! The Classic Series includes glide racks and is designed with sleek knob, handle, door and leg styles.

With a starting price of $2,499, this affordable range is a well-built asset, both in looks and functionality.  With the addition of the Verona Chefs Pak, the center burner becomes a pro-style griddle, steam cooker or keep warm area with high quality accessories.  This pack is now available at $299 as an instant rebate through December 2017.

To find out more, contact your trade account manager today—or call the showroom at 215-699-3522.

Current promotions for your clients (through December, 2017)
  1. Ilve 48” Majestic Free Hood*
  2. Verona Chefs Pak $299
  3. Verona Hood-Save $500 with Range
  4. Verona Color Range-Save $400
  5. Combine all three Verona promos for a $1200 instant rebate

*Ask for Rebate Form (Architect and Designers) for complete details – standard colors w/chrome trim only.

You may be familiar with Microwave drawers, but something you may not know is that Sharp manufactures all of the drawers.  The real difference lies in different styles and price points.

A few benefits are:

  1. Microwave Drawers free up valuable space on the counter
  2. Over-the-range microwaves are not designed for heavier cooking like woks or grills, so drawers are a great option for culinary kitchens
  3. No lifting heavy hot items from above (especially for kids- speaking of which, most microwave drawers can be pass coded for childproof protection)
  4. Mounting the drawer flush is just better looking

It is important to note that microwave drawers are also harder to install.  Drawers are operated with push buttons to open and close, so you cannot open them manually.  Forcing them open will lead to broken tracks and problems; fortunately Kieffer’s has a certified install team that will be able to help you.

Drawer models also lack the option for convection and don’t have a turntable, as the magnetron is located on the roof of the microwave instead of the side wall (which some say is a plus). The other drawback is the price; price points start around $1,000 (ask us about designer and builder programs, though).

There are many options when it comes to speed cooking, microwaves, etc.  Your best bet is to call your dedicated Kieffer’s Trade Account Manager to review your specific project.



As this Q3 report indicates, the industry is strong and healthy, but not without its challenges.  From sentiment on workforce readiness, to the ability to recruit and retain adequate staff levels as well as prioritizing the skill set required for today’s job-site and the ability of a contractor to staff a future pipeline of work, this report provides important insights that will help foster the future success of this industry.


The quarterly spotlight for Q3 focuses on the importance of job-site worker skills.  Safety skills are widely recognized as important, and most contractors believe their workers possess these skills.  Technical skills and communication skills are considered highly important by 79% of contractors, but less than half consider their workers to have better than adequate communication skills, suggesting a training opportunity.


Do you agree with this report? Do you find it difficult to find skilled workers?

Tell us here.





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Appliance Trends

Steam Ovens Whenever I discuss steam ovens with a client, they immediately mention that they don’t use steam to cook vegetables or fish so they don’t need one. First, vegetables are delicious and healthy (eat more veggies). Second, a steam is much more than a vegetable or fish oven. Known as combi-steam ovens, these appliances can act as a small convection oven, a steam oven, or combine both technologies for fast cooking times. How fast is fast? How about a 13-pound turkey in 90 minutes! Since moisture is a key ingredient with a steam oven, it’s almost impossible to dry out foods. Plus it’s perfect for reheating foods as it reconstitutes dishes. Rice never quite bounces back in a microwave, right? Use a steam oven instead.
Connected Appliances   It was only a matter of time until appliances became part of the internet. Many appliances connect to your mobile devices, like a tablet or a smart phone. Want to preheat your oven so it’s ready by the time you get home from work? No problem. Want to see how much energy an appliance is using? Check your phone. It’s only a matter of time until your refrigerator takes inventory of what’s inside and develops recipes based on its contents or reminds you to pick up more eggs. Imagine your refrigerator asking you if you REALLY want to eat that pint of Ben and Jerry’s at midnight…
 Bigger Is Not Bette Big wheels. Better car. Big knobs. Better range. For some reason, as Americans, we are trained to think that bigger is better. Manufacturers know this and are making laundry with larger capacity options. Be careful. Just because you can fit a llama and a buffalo in your washer doesn’t mean it’s the best. Larger laundry means larger exterior dimensions which mean that a big washer and dryer could be too deep or too wide for your space. Always measure the area where you want your laundry to go before you purchase. This same rule applies to refrigerators.
 A Splash of Color  White, black, and stainless steel are the most popular colors in appliances, but manufacturers are thinking outside those hues and coming up with some eye-catching colors. GE, for example, has a new color called slate, but the newest color to hit the block is black stainless steel. Companies like Kichenaid, Sharp, and Samsung offer options in black stainless steel. This will be the new color trend over the next few years as more and more manufacturers create black stainless steel options

XO Ventilation- How Beautiful Kitchens Breathe

A slide-out model, or as XO refers to them, glide-out model, is a good option for a clean modern look, but still allows for superior ventilation. They offer a variety of CFM ratings and widths in these hoods. A best-seller in the 30″ category, the XOC30SMUA, 395 CFM glide-out hood virtually vanishes when not in use, but unlike similar models, allows both the lights and blower to operate when the lid is in both the open and closed positions. It has a variety of venting options, including ductless, and features three-speed illuminated electronic controls and two 50W halogen lights. One important note is that the operational components go to the cabinetry, effectively eliminating the use of that cabinet.

Perhaps you are working on a kitchen that needs an island hood; the XOMI36G is a best seller in the 36-inch island category. This model has a 600 CFM high velocity blower and operates in a sound range of 1.8 to 6.5 sones. It has four 20W Halogen lights for great illumination and is constructed of high quality stainless steel and glass. It is designed to fit ceilings up to nine feet tall and should be mounted 27 – 32 inches off the cooking surface. When installed to vent to the exterior, a 6-inch duct is required. It can also be onfigured for a ductless operation. This model features aluminum mesh filters and three-speed electronic illuminated controls. XO also offers a similar 42 inch model, the XOMI42G. These beautiful pieces can really set the kitchen apart and are the perfect accessory to an island cook top.

XO is manufactured in Fabriano, Italy, and are the second largest independent ventilation manufacturers in Europe. Ventilation, in general, can be confusing—this is why you have a dedicated trade account manager at Kieffer’s Appliances available to talk you through any of these buying decisions

 Thermador launches Freedom Columns October 2017

The Culinary Preservation line has over 23 customizable columns, allowing for hundreds of unique combinations of bottom freezers, refrigerator columns, freezer and wine preservation columns – all of which can accommodate stainless or custom panels. A new 36″ refrigerator and freezer are now available, and a 23 1/2″ refrigerator can fit into a pre-existing 42″ or 48″ cut-out when matched with a 18″ or 24″ freezer or wine column.

The major product enhancements in this launch are:

  •   Open Door Assist (allows for easy opening door, and provides the ption of pull or push to open – a dream for putting away groceries BT
  •  TFT Display (culinary enthusiasts can manually adjust the temperature in bottom mount refrigeration, while it is automatically maintained in single door columns
  • Thermafresh
  • Delicate Produce Bins (preserve the aroma, flavor and crispness of herbs in appropriately chilled drawers)
  • Cool Air Flow technology- Additional features like the FreeFlow® Cold Air System and Super Cool are also in place to ensure optimal freshness of ingredients and other items stored

I cannot end without pointing out to my fellow wine-loving friends that the Wine Column now has three zones to keep your chardonnays,reds and my beloved rosé at the optimal temperature. A touch feature on the door senses when it has been accidentally opened, and automatically closes (if one would rather pull the door open, the touch

feature can be disabled). in the columns.

For those that don’t know, Habitat ReStores are home improvement stores that accept small and large donations of new or gently used furniture, appliances, housewares, building materials and more. The items are then sold at a fraction of the retail price to help families to build a better future. Then, the proceeds help Habitat’s work in your community and around the world.​


Most of us in the “trade” know the feeling of demoing a perfectly good kitchen and then having a full cabinet set or a good appliance that is not needed anymore. Rather than toss them in the dumpster, there is a solution that will make everyone happy, and it’s for a good cause!


Win, win, win, win. A win for everyone.

Go to to locate ReStore near you

2017 Fall Colors

Hello Autumn!

Fall is the time for rich, warm and cozy colors that mirror the changing colors of the season.
No element of home decorating is more discussed or evaluated than color. Each season interior design experts and forecasters weigh in with predictions of up-and-coming colors in the industry.
To highlight what colors will be trending this fall, we consulted with Bluestar, known for their hundreds of color selections and handcrafted products, to bring you the hues you’ll be seeing everywhere this Fall

Pastel Violet can be the star attraction in the kitchen when used on one main appliance, such as a gas range or double wall oven, and pairs beautifully with light natural wood cabinets, and light countertops. Purple Violet suggests the color of a full-bodied wine and is a perfect accent tile in a small area, especially when combined with clean white countertops and medium grey cabinets. 

BlueStar 48-inch Platinum Series
Ranges in Pastel Violet and
Platinum Grey is still one of the hottest colors of the year. This color is subtle enough to use for all appliances in a complete kitchen suite.

48-inch Platinum Series Range from BlueStar in Platinum Grey

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