Dacor 48" Range, Stainless Steel, Liquid Propane/High Altitude


47-7/8" W x 36-1/8" H x 27-1/2" D


Transform the way you cook with innovations like steam-roasting and steam-baking, speed convection, a built-in Wi-Fi-enabled LCD touchscreen, and the power of 22K BTU dual-stack sealed brass burners. Designed to inspire the imagination and make every meal an encore performance.

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Complete Selection DOP48M86DLS - 48" Range, Stainless Steel, Natural Gas

DOP48M86DPS- 48" Range, Stainless Steel, Liquid Propane

DOP48M86DHS - 48" Range, Stainless Steel, Natural Gas/High Altitude

DOP48M86DAS - 48" Range, Stainless Steel, Liquid Propane/High Altitude

DOP48M86DLM - 48" Range, Graphite Stainless Steel, Natural Gas

DOP48M86DPM - 48" Range, Graphite Stainless Steel, Liquid Propane

DOP48M86DHM - 48" Range, Graphite Stainless Steel, Natural Gas/High Altitude

DOP48M86DAM - 48" Range, Graphite Stainless Steel, Liquid Propane/High Altitude
Overall Dimensions Width: 47 7/8"
Height: 36 1/8"
Depth: 27 1/2"
Burner Configuration Right Front: 22,000 BTU
Right Rear: 9,000 BTU
Center Front: 16,000 BTU
Center Rear: 16,000 BTU
Left Front: 18,000 BTU
Left Rear: 16,000 BTU
Interior Capacity 4.8 cu.Ft. (large oven) / 1.8 cu.Ft. (small oven)
Requirements Electrical: 240V / 208V, 60Hz, 50A
Accessories ACSM303 - Cookie Sheets (Set of 3)
AMBCB6 - Burner Caps, Black (Set of 6)
AMBCBR6 - Burner Caps, Brass (Set of 6)
AMGR - Glide Rack
AMWR - Wok Ring
AMG48 - Modernist Griddle, 48" 6-Burner Range


  • RealSteam Oven
  • For meats that are juicy on the inside, yet brown and crispy on the outside. Bake artisan bread with a light, fluffy center with a flaky crust. Healthier, faster cooking with the power of pure steam.
  • Superior Steam Generation
  • Utilizing an external steam generator, quickly and effectively deliver the right amount of steam at the right time for that perfect culinary result.
  • Dual Four-Part Pure Convection
  • Superior consistency and zero flavor transfer with Dual 4-Part Pure Convection, reducing cooking time by distributing heat evenly across the entire oven.
  • Powerful Broiling
  • Even browning and powerful searing with a 10 Pass, 4400W broiler.
  • SimmerSear Burners
  • Quickly boil water with 22K BTU of power or maintain a gentle simmer at 750 BTU with the all brass, Dual Valve, Dual Ring Burner.
  • Black and Brass Burner Caps
  • Comes with two finish options for a customized look
  • True Centerpiece of the Kitchen
  • Every line, every detail designed intentionally to inspire creativity.
  • Luxurious Finishes
  • Dacor exclusive Graphite and Silver Stainless Steel finishes bring beauty and style to match any kitchen design or concept.
  • Illumina Knobs
  • Warm, sophisticated and welcoming. The glowing knobs entice participation, inspire the imagination and accentuates the beauty of the product.
  • Perma-Flame
  • Automatically reignites burners if they are accidentally extinguished.
  • Brightvue Interior Lighting
  • A combination of seamlessly integrated LED and halogen lights fill the oven with rich illumination.
  • Ultra Wide Continuous Grates
  • Use multiple stock pots at a time and easily slide pots and pans across spacious cooking surface of 15" wide grates
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled 7" LCD Control Panel
  • Automatically tilting, 7" smooth touch glass panel provides a full-touch culinary command center for pre-programmed settings and step-by-step recipes.
  • Chef Mode
  • Receive expert cooking advice straight from the 7" screen, guiding the user on the optimum rack setting, temperatures and timing.
  • GreenClean
  • A faster, safer, better way to clean. Cleans with the versatile power of built-in steam capabilities, rather than extreme heat or harsh chemicals.
  • Glideracks
  • Smooth gliding ball bearing system for moving heavier dishes in and out of the oven easily. Equipped with a convenient handle in front for a secure grasp.
  • Softshut Hinges
  • Prevents slamming by delicately closing doors.
  • SmartThings Integration
  • Seamlessly integrate into the SmartThings connected platform, providing an exceptional foundation for an ever growing ecosystem of smart connectivity. Preheat, check the oven temperature, the cooking status and remaining time, all from the comfort of your smartphone.
  • Auto Connected Hood
  • Activate and adjust the hood with Bluetooth and ConnectOn auto-responsive technology. Turns on the ventilation in conjunction with the cooktop, and ramps up the speed as necessary.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship
  • 3 piece, pressed, forged and knurled aluminum knobs with hand painted finishing provides the weight and heft for smooth and sophisticated operation.
  • Authentic Materials
  • Full brass burners with brass caps ensure increased durability and strength, that resists warping at high temperatures and expands the product lifespan. Brass valves and components further improve the longevity and endurance.
  • Sophisticated Finishes
  • The deep, beautiful color of the graphite stainless steel is achieved through arduous electrophoretic deposition and anodizing processes, that ensure a durable, corrosion resistant, consistent and highly transparent result. Each component is handled part by part, ensuring true craftsmanship and artisan detail.
  • Bespoke Production
  • Graphite stainless steel features Dacor exclusive, Diamond Like Carbon coating (DLC), that provide exceptional scratch, heat and stain resistance. A process used in the luxury watch making industry, requires up to 24 hours of labor to effectively produce one component.